Since early 2020, everything has changed. We cannot continue our public events as we did during the 2017-2020 period. Therefore, we have launched Sarmad Radio, which is the podcast section of Sarmad Platform, aiming to extend our conversations, thoughts, and experiments in an auditory realm.

The episodes each feature a guest, and  include research, readings, conversations, stories, music, noise, and jokes. These podcasts are produced as part of our project Image-Norms-Power (2021-2022).

Episode 1 - Mental health with Hamja Ahsan

In this first episode, our theme is mental health and we talk (among other things) about introversion, the sometimes-unbearable weight of being a full-time artist, depression as a defense mechanism of our bodies, the 27 club and about doing absolutely nothing.

This project is made possible by the generous support of Mondriaanfonds and Gemeente Rotterdam.