Narrating the Shaed Spaces was a publication made in a program with the same name, done as a collaboration between WORKNOT! and Platform28. The program of public lectures, workshop, and exhibition focused on re-conceptualising and re-strategising the commonly-owned and shared spaces of apartment buildings in Tehran.

Apartment buildings in Tehran are the most common form of architecture that shape the city, whose spatial arrangement is predetermined by the regulations. One of the main sets these of principles are the ones conditioning their shared spaces (stairs, rooftops, voids, etc). Their role is controversial, and are paces owned by all inhabitants, but used by none. The workshop was to conceptualise spatial strategies that address the underlying sociopolitical and economic structures embodied by these spaces. A series of spatial strategies, as well as this publication, were produced in the program.

Contributors to the publication include Mahsa Alafar, Hamed Behmanesh, Hamed Dehghan, Amin Maleki, Mohammad Ebrahimi, and Sina ShahHosseini; with very special thanks to Mira Avarzamani.