In this session we have invited Lucas Kastelijn, artist based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, who mainly works with self-made camera obscura. With a background in theatre making, Lucas’s work featuring elements of performance and theatre, explores the role of time and movement in creating images.

“For Lucas Kastelijn the pinhole camera is a magical instrument. A device that is capable of catching processes of change and liminal states of consciousness. Working with pinhole camera's he explores the essence of photography; no lenses, no film , no prints. Only unique, 'in-camera exposure' paper negatives.
The long exposure times needed are regarded as 'underscored time' just like time is underscored or intensified in the theatre or in rituals. That is where photography meets the theatre. All the images bear the marks of time, coincidence and imagination.” 

He will discuss his works, and will show photographs together with samples of his camera obscuras, and his theatre / performance projects

* This project is supported by Gemente Rotterdam (Subsidie Visual Kunsten). This event is hosted by Stad in de Maak