Othering, an intrinsic feature of (documentary) photography

Date: April 23rd, 2019
Location: Stad in de Maak, Rotterdam
For: Film and Photographic Studies (MA), Leiden University

A one-day seminar on Normativity and Othering in research practices for MA students in Film and Photographic Studies, together with assistant professor Ali Shobeiri at Leiden university. 

The seminar takes on alternating practices and research methods in visual production. Here, discussions were focused on developing and problematising conventional methods in visual practice with a critical eye using the book Strange Encounters by Sarah Ahmed as a starting point – whereby notions of normativity, encounter, estrangement, and othering were discussed.

The seminar took place at Stokerij (Stad in de Maak) as to extend such sessions of collective thinking outside of the university spaces, so to begin to introduce a sense of autonomy into such discussions as well.