Sarmad Book Three

Sarmad Book Three focuses on field photography, featuring the works of 10 various artists.
"More than a genre in photography, it is an experimental process in making images. Field photography gains its specificity from the nature of its nomadicness; that starts fundamentally from leaving the safe place of the studio and experimenting with subjects and landscapes that cannot be controlled to be captured."

Softcover. 80 pages (19x20 cm)
Limited edition. 80 signed copies
Silkscreen cover
22 Risograph plates (monotone, duotone, and tricolor)
Price: 18€ + shipping

- Edited and designed by Sarmad Magazine team
- Print and bind at Charles Nypels Lab, Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht)
- Texts by Sarmad Editors, and George V. Hobart (Hugh McHugh)

- Images by Alireza Abbasy, Sean Rohde, David Ávila, Gerasimos Platanas, Maria Antonietta Mione, Peter Wiklund, Lucas Kastelijn, Viviana Levrino, Ky Lewis, Leonardo Garcia, and Kristian Saks

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