Sarmad Book Two

42 pages (29x28 cm)
Limited edition. 120 signed copies
Silkscreen cover
22 Risograph plates (monotone, duotone, and tricolor)
Price: 35€ + shipping

- Edited and designed by Sarmad Magazine team
- Print and bind at Charles Nypels Lab, Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht)
- Texts by Sarmad Editors, Jo Frenken

- Images by Alireza Abbasy, Michał Małkiewicz, Robin Cracknell, Pamela Ceccarelli , Pawel Smialek, Samantha Sealy, Jon Lewis, Fabien Cayere, Ingrid Budge, Laure Maugeais, Franz Falckenhaus, Russell Moreton, Isa Marcelli, Robert Hutinski, Maria Silvano, Phil Chapman, Lucas Kastelijn, Javier Bocanegra, and Chiara Gini

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